Realistic recurrent Nightmare

Date: 12/3/2016

By richilye

I was in my bed, the curtains were closed, but a bit of light was coming in, then my sis and her friend openned my door and looked inside, I stared them and they closed the door, then my sister is friend openned it again and put a black thing inside my room and closed the foor again. I thought it was my poodle, then i said "Out", then I went to get up to take her out and I couldn't move. My body became paralysed and a bad smell filled the place, and I felt some type of shock through my body. Then i remembered that it wasn't my dog, 'causr she was given away last week, then i tried forcing myself to get up,but every time i attempted to move I felt a shock through my body, I couldn't even blink to try and wake up, after a while I was able to blink and wake up. See section below for some quickly explanation. ⬇⬇⬇