Date: 7/31/2017

By radiantrachael

I got transferred to princess anne high school and then i came into my first classroom and i kept going around finding my classes then I ended up in the library after i found bruno and gave him a piggy back ride all the way to the library with me, and i asked a lady for directions to my next class and she got angry about it and i ended up breaking down and she apologized, and then time flashed to the next day or so, and i was with some girl (i can't remember who i was with) and we went into this elevator and it took us to a spa/bar place where we went onto these warm massage chair things. after a while we went back into the elevator and back to a dorm like place and we crashed. next dream me and ciarnan and a few other friends were in a huge mansion like house and we were taking shots and drinking, and all of a sudden i could barely do anything but we had fun and stuff, and when we woke up we went to school (the princess anne one) and i found this piano section where me and ciarnan and two other girls started playing piano, and ciarnan said "you got so drunk last night". later on there were these award ceremonies and i saw deasia and makayla (blonde from PE) and we started to mouth BTS things to each other and i crawled over to them and eventually me and makayla were on the floor looking and bts pictures. next segment me and these friends were outside jogging a track or something while busses were leaving, when one friend saw her dad and he took pictures of her and later he was taken to the schools nurse because something happened to him. later on animals appeared but were very realistic and human-like and they understood every word we said, and a huge fight between our side and some enemy side went down, when i went far underwater and made a ton of animal friends and found this huge whale and rode it back, but when i was back my friends dad was out and okay and i hugged him because i was afraid he was very hurt.