How to Drive

Date: 8/17/2017

By Highlighter111

Part 1: I was in a Hunger Games type scenario, but there was WAY more kids and we weren't trying to kill each other. Idk. We were all in these woods and there was so many tree roots on the surface that me and my friends who were with me kept tripping over as we were running from these invisible monsters that ate tree bark. Then the creator of the death-game came and this guy was weird. He had a red Afro but not like the fake clown ones, like a legit Afro but red. And he was flirting with Ashley, and I think he proposed to her and she said yes but he didn't take her out of the death-game. Part 2: I was sitting in the passenger seat of a rusty truck and Ashley is teaching me how to drive. As I'm sitting there looking out the windows, I realize that we are in the woods. Then Ashley says, "The first step is to turn on the radio."