Slime/Robot life, Alien comes

Date: 4/8/2017

By headFeed

Im a little slime girl whos being chased by authorities cause i did something wrong, im running in a factory and end up killing two people between these fleshy machines because im trying to get away from the cops. i find a new large room and it seems safe, theres a robot scientist inside and i hide but he sees me, he greets me and i talk to him asking if he can save me. i tell him about how i turned my family into slime creatures and we worked at this factory as one whole body shared together, slaving away. i managed to separate myself from them and escape and i want to save the rest of my family and then turn into robots to blend into the society here. he said he cant save my family, but he can help me. we start to go into this conveyor belt. its glass with light up insides and goes through strange processes. i see another robot enter the room and then leave, the scientist yells at it because this lab is secret and if hes caught he could be in danger. the robot that came in is a patrol robot that had a name but i forgot. we reach the end of the process and i have to do things myself because its too risky for the scientist to do it. im a reddish pink slime now. he explains the process but im too eager and push the wrong buttons. it does nothing cause he programmed this process to only work right. i continue it and we see the other robot enter again. the scientist starts talking to it but it starts to yell that were in danger. its too late though because investigator robots with large light eyes come in and see everything in this lab that turns fleshy/goo creatues into robots. a large robot breaks through the wall, it yells at the little robot saying something like "YOU SAID THIS PLACE WAS NORMAL FOR YEARS, NORMAL??!? THIS IS NORMAL!!?!?" and he starts destroying everything inside. i stay in one place because the process is working. by the time they leave im a robot. the scientist tells me i have to act clunky, i cant have smooth movements and i have a job as a waitress. i remember this from a previous dream. i walk to work all clunky, i see a loose white screw on a car and remember i need it and took it in my dream before but the car drives off too soon. i go to work and remember my previous place i worked, it was in a bush that was a cafe. its broken now though. i go to my new job and im already swamped with things to do. i service a family abd forget to pour their coffee so i go back and do it now im myself being one of the ones that was being served. theres an ominous loud noise outside and my mom freaks out saying there was something out the window. i vaguely remember this scene. it happens again and theres a large red square in the sky over the forest hill. we remember this and what happens later. i grab all of my important things and stuff them into my pockets, my mom grabs a book of hers and goes outside. i know we have to sit on the grass for a while so i grab our jackets and accidentally another families jacket. i return it and go up the hill everyone was sitting in. it was well organized, someone was telling us where to sit. i remember me a d my brother were assigned to be in a corner up the hill last time, when "IT" came. we sat in the middle with our parents. theres a large gap with parted grass inbetween two groups of people sitting down. i ask about it but my mom just said thats how the leader lady told us to sit. my mom is on her tablet trying to see what is happening and i open up snapchat but IT came early this time. the loud metallic boom happens again. we see a vertical crystalline eye like shape appear in the sky over the tree forest. its in a diamond shape ♦️ its outside has triangle wing like red forms. it gets pinkish inside and the eye and shards around it is blueish green. with yellow around it too. it slowly moves up and the noise is constant. i tell my mom its here but shes frantically searching something on her tablet and i just look up at it. right in the middle of its "eye" and i wake up.