The Cabin

Date: 1/28/2017

By Unisai

This isn't too adult like, but I want to put the option on anyways. It starts out where a group of people and I go to stay in a cabin for a long duration of time. Apparently there was a gymnasium near the cabin, for playing basket ball. There was an... assignment, we had to do. It was my small groups turn to do the assignment. I had no clue what to do, but I later caught on. You had to memorize lines and preform the song aloud. The audience was fairly large. Me being the awkward person I am I mess up the show. There was a thing before our show ended, we got hot dogs and gave them to a single person. I guess they really liked hotdogs. This is where the dream gets a tiny bit scary. After that I decided to drive, even though right now I can't. We took a car that my family has, and drove on the highway fairly close to my house. One person was getting anxious of me driving, but I told them it was okay. We started to drive back near the cabin when I noticed two cars parked in the middle of the road. As I went passed them, there was a body of a girl laying on the road. No one else other than our car payed any attention to the body. I was terrified, the rest of the people were too. Then once we went to go drive off , two people from the parked cars got out and started to cart the body. I started to speed off. Everyone was back at the cabin and we were just hanging out in the main part of the cabin. I was fine and calm until I headed a noise coming from outside, I paid no attention for now. This concerned me, the conversation they were having was a myth that Hitler's ghost haunted this cabin, and his followers lived in the forest. I wiped around to look out the window. It was taller than me so I could only see out a corner. People were outside the window. Occasionally looking in and trying to open the door or windows. I kept watching them. Every so often I had to duck because one of the ones wearing orange would glance in. They eventually boosted the tall one with an orange shirt upwards into the roof. I panicked and stared to whisper to everyone. "Guys people are here." They couldn't hear me but I couldn't say it any louder. "Guys people are here." I said it over and over until they understood. One of the roof panels opened up and started to fight, orange shirt vs one of our group members. (my point of view changed from mine to the group member.) The member finally beat the orange shirt off, but the panel was still open. (My point of view went back to me) then I saw gas come from the open roof panel. The gas looked as if it were water pouring over everything. We all tried to rush out of the building but as I thought, there were people waiting outside. Everything from then on is a blur and I don't know what happened.