Hayley and Megan's party + Temper Tantrum

Date: 6/8/2017

By drunchee

This was a huge anxiety dream. Starts off with me exiting a teacher's class at the end of the day and I hear Hayley say "no drama please!" I instantly register that she must be talking about an upcoming party, that she doesn't want drama at/about. I begin to think THIS is the infamous Adalia party that I know I'm not invited to IRL. But I later hear from the boys while we walk that it's actually Hayley's party. Me Brody Alex Merrick and Marcos walk to Marcos's RV, like a vacation home/camper that's really just a cruddy house. There's a huge spider that attacks Garrett once entering the camper and I notice Marcos's dad looks hungover. Later, either the next day or just later in the dream, I'm at a place like Garrett's house, but a lot of girls are there lined up at the door inside. Next to them though is a restroom like at a restaurant. Before I go in, Megan C invites me to her party. Happy, I make a joke about my mom that makes Allie laugh. I then enter the bathroom and these two older men are jokingly talking about the rudeness of the girls outside. I exit the bathroom to tell Allie and I accidentally hear her tell Ayden she "won't tell anyone the Dark secret," and of course I ask her what it is and she says she can't say cuz Ayden said not to. I then go on a rampage. I'm mean to Allie, begging for her to tell me, I'm mean to Mr. Helmstetter and cuss at him, making a scene and tearing up. I guess I'm at the Last Day of School and now it's ruined so I just want to go home. I'm also especially upset because the last day of school is supposed to be a good Allie Day. The dream ends with me storming down a hall upset.