big feast

Date: 2/23/2017

By ajm

I'm at this place which winds up being the same layout as aunt Michelle's house. There's lots of food and I'm sitting in a booth with calli and someone else. There's an older person at the booth next to me sitting across this guy with a nice beard. They're pointing at me I can tell that they're staring. So I ask calli about them and she goes, that's the girl who Sam left you for. And of course I didn't want there to be any hard feelings so I got up and sat right down next to the girl. At first I'm sure they were intimidated but then I simply said, hey I don't want any harm what's goin on I'd like to talk it out? (And doing this sort of lucidly, I chose to do this) and the guy goes, see I love her already. So we chatted a bit it was good. I walked up to get food and there was sam w he walked past me and gave me a little shoulder nudge.