Demonic Attack at Christmas

Date: 7/8/2017

By Snark_Hunter

it was Christmas and my relatives and family were in a swimming pool ( I live in Australia and it's summer time at Christmas) My uncle was holding a huge plate or sliced oranges and tried to sell them to me for $50 as a joke, but in the end we both agreed I could have one for free because it was Christmas. My family told me I should get into the pool, but I wasn't wearing my swimmers, so I walked to my bedroom in the unfamiliar house. It took me ages to get my swimming costume on, and I was worried I would be too late to get in the pool. after about 10 minutes of struggling I was ready. My guest bedroom was very quiet, and it was quite eerie when I wanted to leave. I figured that one of my school friends might be waiting outside the door to jumpscare me when I opened it, so when I opened the door, I looked to the right and saw my friend facing away from me, so I screamed to try and scare them. They just stood frozen looking away. suddenly I looked straight ahead and a demon of some sort charged towards me and killed me. I had a very strong sense of fear. I woke up, but then fell back to sleep too quickly, back into a similar nightmare. I saw the demon again, but before it could kill me, it turned into a dead orange tulip. Apparently the demon was a "horse grud tulip" which turned into a flower as soon as it became July. Weird.