'Spells go wrong, Molly Weasley comes along'

Date: 2/22/2017

By jmprodanov-97

I hardly remember most of the dream, just the fact that it was somehow lucid for a moment. So I was in a farm house (no, not the Burrow). It was awkwardly colorful inside. I was testing my newly-purchased wand. But for an unknown reason, it wouldn't budge. None of my spells worked, and I had an enormous amount of knowledge on spells, but not even puffs of smoke appeared when reciting the incantations. I even tried non-verbal magic, the application of the wand movements for each spell, but again, nothing. This is when Molly Weasley appears out of nowhere. She proceeds to offer me trying Ginny's wand, which was rather different from the wand portrayed in the movie. It was sand-coloured and quite rubbery. Again. Nothing. 'Oh, don't worry sweetheart. I tell you, I lend my wand to no one, but here you have. Try mine.' She kindly offered. It was then that I realized I was in fact trying to prove I was neither squib nor muggle. I first tried the Fire-Making charm. I muttered 'Incendio', while forming a triangle with my wand. A tiny flame erupted from the rug below our feet. I was over the clouds! I was a wizard after all. Then I tried the Wand Lighting Charm, only this time, non-verbally. I said 'Lumos' in my head and Molly's wand shone, faintly, but shone nonetheless. It was then when I woke up.