3 Dreams!

Date: 5/11/2017

By kake00

The first dream was the longest I was in my physics classroom. I had a girl teacher (I have a guy one in real life) she had everyone's Snapchat because to ask questions you would have to Snapchat it to her and she would respond. I had a sheet about the elements in front of me, and had to do some calculation that she asked. Then a classmate walked over and gave me a donut. I had a few bites of it it was chocolate on chocolate. (NEXT dream) This was a quick dream I was in a small aquarium shop that had a tank of rare fish. I have been here before in a dream because I got a little letter thing from it for an aquarium in another dream. Anyways it's a small shop with few things, and my friend asked if the fish were being fed and cleaned well because it looked nasty. The worker said yes and threw in this brown stuff that made it all foggy in the tank. Later she comes up to us and yells at us for killing the fish because it ate to much. We got scared and ran and blocked her and stuff. (NEXT dream) Everyone is in tubes. Like tubes in water parks we are all skating down and ice hallway that's gigantic people are going crazy it's so cool. It's on a little slant so you gain speed. I'm holding 3 people while we skate down. They let go and start to go super fast and I lose them. Then I see more people and we get to the bottom (also on ice) and walk around all these tables that have the food from my prom set up on them.