A Festival in the City

Date: 6/5/2017

By itsliz

I had a dream where me and daddy and I think mom were walking through a city made of mostly stone that was cite and quaint. It reminded me of some sort of city that fairies would live in except people - sized. I was wandering around and I think that I was looking for a rag doll cat. I ended up finding one and magically appeared in a room that reminded me of the back room of Tia Mary's house where her dogs would give birth. I had a rag doll cat in my arms and was talking to it. and I think it could talk back. I mentioned Lola and how they could possibly get along, that Lola bites and didn't like another cat from the vet but thankfully she doesn't have claws. I warned this cat to be careful not to scratch Lola but she said it would be fine since she'd have no reason to harm another cat that's weapon - less. Lola was hiding in some jackets and eventually came out and was looking up at me while I held this car but she didn't seem agitated. I leaned down to pet Lola and she seemed fine so I set the cat down and still things looked fine. I was explaining how she could be a good kitty, but next thing I know I look and it's Whispers. I put my hand on my mouth and start to cry. I manage to explain that he's a cat who died and was my favorite. Somehow we skip to where we're walking through the town again, which is like the town from the new Disney movie, "Repunzel." We run into a girl who I start talking to, but it changes scenes again. It seems like I'm trying to sell pets now because I'm leaning on the hay - covered floor, two small steps above me is a large couch - bed like a therapist's couch and a large black guy who's asking me about a kitten. He's gently poking it, I think, but I'm nervous because this kitten is as big as my fingernail. He wants me to help wake it so he hands it to me and it's like a just born kitten as its rolling around reaching its paws in the air. I cradle this cat and explain she can be ready to take home in a few weeks, but I'm nervous about handing her over. I explain to this guy that he'll have to buy a cat castle as he's leaving, or that he'd have to hang a few steps for the new kitten to play and that she WOULD scratch everything unless she gets a scratching post. That seemed to sufficiently scare him, I felt, as he walked away with his wife and kid. I go to put the kitten away with a girl who has mouse brown short hair down to her jaw, wearing a pastel yellow shirt and blue overalls. She opens her hand to take back the kitten and her hands are FILLED with other tiny baby pets. I noticed that she has tiny pets that look like raccoons so I look slightly to my left in the hopes of finding a fox, and I did! I see a little cluster of foxes and asks if they'll be for sale. She seems to try to make excuses for not selling them but I'm not deterred. It's time to leave with mom and daddy and as we go she comes back I think to remind me of something but drops the pets from her hands. I have to lean down to pick them up and hand them back to her and almost consider stealing a white fox but don't know if she'd notice, so I hand them all back. She's leaving when I realize some pets got caught in the creases of my hand so I call her back to hand over a few more pets. Although suddenly there are more species of animals than she originally had so I have a tough time naming what I think they could grow up into and some were just lint or white crystallized dirt. It's almost time to go but I give her my phone number since I forgot to hand it to her because how else am I supposed to know she has those foxes for sale? She tries calling me and it works. She explains she might not call because she doesn't want to make me travel a long time but I explain I live only 10 minutes away, that I live in the next town. She looks doubtful and I assure her but I think the face she made was one of hesitancy. And then I woke up.