Crazy Mike's Food Conspiracy, A Jazz Story, The Dark And Odd Cosby Show Episode, & Seeing Nathan Again

Date: 6/18/2017

By fluffytree

Saturday June 16th 2017 Moderate Sleep: 4pm~9:45pm I'm working lot security with my coworker Adrianna at some Walmart I've never been to before. An old coworker of mine from many years back when I was at the Dime bldg downtown, Mike McGuire, is also here for some reason working further away. He's driving one of those golf carts turned into security vehicles while me and Adrianna are just standing around keeping watch of the area. Me and her pass the time by talking about random stuff until she mentions how she forgot to get her food. Apparently she left it somewhere at the end of the lot and wants to get it but discreetly. She says if Mike sees it he'll get pissed. Why? I have no idea. It makes no sense now but in the dream I just went with it. Anyway so I set off to retrieve her food while making sure to sneak past Mike. He's always been kinda odd so I wouldn't put it past him to be so irrational. I didn't know him terribly well back then but I remember he'd literally brisk walk laps around the lobby sometimes while people were still around. It was super weird. Gotta get that exercise in however you can I guess? I manage to get her food though. It was inside a grocery bag sitting either on the ground or on top of her car. When I try to sneak back Mike unfortunately comes out of nowhere and stops his cart in front of me. He has a disgruntled look on his scruffy bearded face and starts going off about how unfair it is that Adrianna has food. He's just going on and on about nonsense really and I figure this guy really is quite mad. I tell him to chill out and how it's not that serious but he keeps ranting. Eventually I just ignore him and head back to give Adrianna her stuff. He follows behind though. A little ways off on the side of the Walmart there's a men's restroom and I notice some kinda commotion happening. Me and her head over there to see what's up and find several Latino men brawling. Really I just notice 2 guys and a girl. One seems to be a victim while he's being attacked by the guy and girl. The attacker accuses the other guy of stashing the food that I just got and I realize this person must be in cahoots with Mike for some reason. He pulls out an extremely sharp pocket knife and starts wildly slashing away. I think the girl has a bat she's trying to hit the guy with too. Luckily he manages to somehow dodge all this cos if he's hit especially by the knife, he's gonna take some serious injuries because it actually puts deep cuts in the wall when it misses its target. I can't believe they're actually trying to kill this man. Time skips just a bit though and the cops are here arresting the two. No one got hurt thankfully but I hope the assaulters go to jail for a long time. They should have several charges brought up against them based on what I saw; assault and battery, reckless endangerment of innocent bystanders, property damage and attempted murder too. I say good riddance to this kind of scum. In my next dream I'm watching the life of a very poor black man back in the 70s trying to get by. He and his friend get a job somewhere that requires you to dress up but they can only afford one cheap suit each while having to live at a rundown boarding house that's just slightly better than a homeless shelter. It's like a TV show I'm watching but I'm fully in this world. Sad jazz music is playing in the background too and it sounds really good actually. 70s music in general is usually not my thing but I like this. I can hear so much detail it's almost like I'm wearing my headphones. A thought goes through my mind that makes me wonder if I'm watching some sort of musical rags to riches story since so much care is going into the music. I receive some instant dream information regarding one of the guys and turns out he is a recovering crack addict. I can't say I'm surprised as he looks so gaunt and thin. I commend him for trying to get himself together though. Anyway, there's a scene showing the two of them laying down on their haphazard "beds" on the floor that's really just layers of cover. It's in a row of other beds like this too making it really seem even more shelter-like. Seems they've just got off work though and the main character, who wears a cheap red suit, doesn't know if he's going to work tomorrow because his boss said he'd call him that night if he needed him. They wait and wait and wait but the call never comes. He fears he's been laid off yet again but his friend assures him that it'll be alright. Soon it becomes clear he won't be called in tomorrow though or maybe ever again from that job which means he won't be able to pay the rent to stay here either and will have to leave. So he starts packing up his bed and what meager possessions he has in order to leave now before he is embarrassingly kicked out. His friend follows him even though I don't think he has to leave. The dream story ends off here but I get a feeling this guy will make it huge one day and I feel like I'm watching the early life of some famous jazz musician but not sure who. Now I find myself in what appears to be in the world of the Cosby Show during the last season of the original show. This one was quite odd and hard to explain but I remember the house wasn't the same as in the show and yet pretty much all the characters were there including Bill Cosby even though I only saw him in a couple scenes. I feel like I've had this dream before but it was different last time. It seems like I might just happen to be an occasional visitor to this house and their lives keep happening even when I'm away, hence why it feels like a new episode every time I come. I start getting memories of the last time I was here although they could be completely fabricated; something that happens often in my dreams. I can't recall exactly but I feel like someone died last time? It might've been the character Sandra's new baby perhaps. No one's really mourning the loss though and the whole event is treated as a joke. There's even a laugh track in the background. Cliff makes some quip about her dead baby and he laughs as well as the "audience" but she doesn't. She seems to be the only one handling this normally. I would expect at least that from the mother of the child though. Cliff goes back to the kitchen to sit at the table and the only other thing I remember seeing of him is some random kid touching his exposed beer belly. When I first began this dream I didn't have a body but now I seem to have incarnated into one. I'm some school kid around Rudy's age which is about 14 or 15. I think she was like 13 in the actual last season of the show but not sure. So I'm her friend in this and not sure if I have a boy or a girl's body but none of it concerned me at the time. I get a glimpse of a memory of us walking home along with Vanessa and we're talking about maybe relationships or something. She has a baby bump though but I automatically know it's not a real baby, just something she has to wear around her waist to simulate the pregnant experience for her home economics class. We're now walking into the house thereby connecting the two timelines that were just experienced. Claire meets us, sees Rudy's belly and raises an eyebrow in concern. "It's for my home ec class mom." Rudy says tiredly. "Hmm, okay." and we head on back towards the living room. Claire still has a smirk on her face. "Kids grow up so fast these days." Which is then followed by yet another generic laugh track. I think I lose my body again at this point and am just an observing Consciousness. I watch as Claire enters the dining room where Sandra still is. Logan, my 9 month old nephew is sitting nearby in his high chair and he wasn't there originally. Claire sees Sandra and immediately feels awkward cos she doesn't know how to talk to the now childless mother. For some reason her awkward feelings are projected towards him and she wants to avoid him and asks Sandra if he's around. Sandra turns towards Logan. "Logan are you here?" she says dryly. He's out of sight behind the door so Claire can't exactly see him. I know what he's planning which is to play a trick on her. So he only mouths the words "Tell her I'm not here, " while giggling. Clearly he's now a super intelligent baby, but it feels normal enough to where I don't question this. Sandra does as he wants and tells her he's not here and Claire has a look of relief on her face until she walks in, sees him and her expression changes to a frown of disappointment. The laugh track sounds and everybody else in the room laughs too including my sister who just randomly appeared outta nowhere. I remember thinking, 'What is happening right now...?' Moments later there's small time skip and we're all in the kitchen now with Cliff. Claire now has a baby bump but this one is real. Somehow in the last few seconds she just became pregnant and no one but me and Cliff know. We're afraid that we might have to just break the news to everyone so no one thinks it's fake like Rudy's and playfully hits her in the stomach or something. This was such a bizarre dream to try and describe, but I woke up briefly afterwards to jot all this down before heading to my last one. In this final dream I find myself at another somewhat familiar location. Not sure where it is, but there's a big tall and old Japanese factory in front of me where construction is taking place after many years of it lying desolate. My old high school of PWA bought the place and is renovating it to become the new school building. It's gonna be huge especially for barely over a hundred students if even that much. I've been seeing this place in my dreams over the past couple weeks being consistently worked on and progress seems to be coming along. Also alot of the students are working on it too instead of being in class. I'm really not sure how it all works, if they work in place of class or if they do all this at the end of the school day. I'm with my grandmother and two siblings and we're pulling up to the place. My grandmother has some business here but not sure what. I hope she's not planning on enrolling me here cos I'm not coming back to this school or any Christian one for that matter. In real life I went to Christian schools all the way up until college and my grandmother was the one who paid for all my tuition even in college. I was pretty spoiled now that I think back. Anyway, my Christian values have changed over the years and I consider myself more spiritual now rather than religious but I don't think she'd understand this so this is why I definitely feel against going to yet another Christian school in the dream. Anyhow when we come to a stop I see Nathan Anderson, my best friend from grade school who died irl back in 2010 from a motorcycle accident. It's always nice to see him pop up in my dreams and he always seems so happy too. I remember being glad to see him and wanting to catch up but my real memories of his death were very subtly reminding me that he shouldn't be alive. I can't fully remember though and the only thought that crosses my mind is, 'Hmm, didn't something happen with him like maybe an accident? Guess not since he seems fine.' We get out and Grannie talks with him first. She goes on about stuff and asks how his mom is since she and her used to work together at the hospital. Then she introduces us like we don't already remember each other. I just have to laugh a bit at how stereotypically grandma-like she's being right now. But then she asks us to kiss each other and I'm just like, 'Um what? No. Nooo.' I don't want to but somehow she insists and shoves us together to the point where we're made to very awkwardly kiss each other on the sides of the mouth. It's gross and we both have the same frown of disgust on our faces, lol. I think we end up laughing about it later though. Wanting us to get to know each other again is one thing but jeez, not like that. I keep wondering why we're here though and I hope she's not here to get me registered for Fall classes. If she is I'm gonna have to tell her how I don't intend on going back to school and especially not a Christian one. She starts heading towards the main building though and I'm guessing it's for just that reason too, ugh. Looks like I'll have to have that talk with her afterall... The scene then changes and I'm in the back seat of a nice red convertible that my sister is driving. There's some guy in the back with me constantly doing the whole backseat driving thing and telling her what to do. I think it's Mr. Ellington, my grandmother's late ex-husband. He always was pretty bossy. She can be a bit of a careless driver sometimes but perhaps not so much now that she's a new mother. He tells her she needs to stop for gas though and I agree. There's a station nearby that we pull up into and I just wake up at this point.