Parties and Pianos

Date: 3/10/2017

By whitershadeofpale

There was this video game and the girl was real and she came out and everything was weird and she was walking us through her life and there was this very very elaborate party and I had to sneak in and it was in like Brazil or something and all of the workers were wearing this outfit that was turquoise sequence and then had two tank top like straps and a black t shirt underneath. I had to sneak in and act like I was one of them but I wasn't wearing the same thing. I was dressed very similarly, I had the turquoise sequence from my waist down, but I had this elaborate stoning and long sleeve-like lace top. And so I just walked in and I kind of had a plan, and then immediately somebody saw me and attacked because they're like "oh you are not one of us because you're dressed differently and the host will know." And so I made up the story that I was attacked and somebody stole the top part of my dress and threw this top part of their dress so that they could sneak in and they could pretend to be one of us. And so they were like "oh that makes so much sense. We'll find him I'm so sorry that this happened to you." And then while I was there they were doing nothing but having people walk up to the stage one by one. Then they would talk really bad about people that I know. They were talking bad about the people from YPT and their parents and their performances. So after i snuck out of the conference or whatever that was, I immediately told the Bippen's who were with me and Mrs. Powell was either the one being talked about very badly, or the one talking about other people very badly. Before this was walking in the mansion. Cadence and I were kind of just talking about what had to be done. She was going to get her wisdom teeth out into weeks, but it was a very big a deal. She was very afraid because something bad had happening. Later, I and Abby Turner were at my house and we were there with Sam Bippen and Kirk and they were asking the four of us what we think about marriage and everything and so Sam and I had to step into a corner and I was I was asking him all about marriage and the pros and cons but he was always saying negative things and I was asking you about the pros, and could barely think of any. The same thing was happening with Abby and Kirk and frankly we were offended because we wanted to marry them and so we gave them all the reasons it was good and then they left and so it was just Abby and I and we were just messing around and I had been near the piano in the living room and I was kind of playing it, but I really was just hitting different notes and then I accidentally was at the very bottom of all the keys, the very last one in my hand accidentally did the playing motion right outside the piano. And it made a sound lower than the final key. So I thought, "this must be the kitchen ghost and the piano has something to do with it." So I went to my mother immediately and I showed her and she was not at all excited. Then I showed Mac and he thought it was really cool but didn't really think much about it but this was crazy to me because the piano kept going after the physical piano ended. Then later this girl for video game showed up and we were walking through everything that had happened and then she beat the game because she knew what was going on and then Katelynn Armstrong appeared and said that we have a party to do and she had brought me this Rapunzel costume and so I was being Rapunzel but she had also left out a little Elena bag and once I put on The Rapunzel costume, Elena appeared and was now a real person and was helping me with the party and was just kind of guiding the kids along. she was like my cast member cast manager or whatever they have at Disney World. The party ended. And then we were introduced later, to this royal-ish British family. They told us all their ranks what they meant and so there were three girls who were considered white and then three other girls were gold these meant two different things and then there was the father figure who is like the ruler of all things and was a very very very big deal and then they were not very nice to us and they had all this money and they were looking down at us because we weren't as rich as them and then we all went out for dinner except the father couldn't be here and so my dad stepped in and played him and we were at this table and we had ordered our meal and with it and this little girl from the table next to us made a comment about our food and so I had a great comeback and hit her with it and she was very very offended. So she clapped back with another insult and I hit back harder and she was very upset and apparently this is something that happens often between these types of families and so her father just kind of sighed and stood up and knew that it was time to intervene and so he went over and said some rude things to us and my father stood up and had some great clap backs with him and then the father got very offended and so they got into this huge argument which ended in my father threatening to do something that will result in him buying this man's house, all of his property, everything that he owns gone and he's one by one and buy from him to take it at some point the man says "do you even have money can you even afford to buy any of the things that you're saying" and my father stood up and was very angry, and said, "right you are very right actually I do not have the money, you've caught me. Of course I have the money how can I not have the money and be a [insert name of whatever the rulers were called]. you are so stupid I'm going to buy everything from you now. I'm going to buy [insert specific items about his mansion] and the man broke down and begged him to spare him the guestroom and his mansion so that he and his family we have somewhere to live and my father said "no because of your foolish mistakes it all belongs to me now. "And the family then left in fear and we all high-fived my dad was like good job because most of us had forgotten that he was not actually rich and that this was all a very good act. After I went home there was a beautiful Cinderella dress waiting for me from Katelynn Armstrong and this time there's a little bag with Fawn on it and I knew that she was going to be my cast member to help me but we didn't get to see her or anything because my mother wanted to see the dress but not on me. Then Abby Turner and I went to the grocery store and there's some man in there and for a moment we became him and were looking at things through his eyes and we knew our mission was to buy several things but he only had credit to buy one, but he desperately needed all of them and so we had to figure out a way to steal and he had just gotten viciously attacked in the mouth by wasps and one of the things that he needed was some medicine to help ameliorate and soothe the pain and while he was walking around down one of the aisles he had knocked over this box and inside with little pieces of cloth soaked in Aloe Vera and he knew he had to steal them but they were cameras everywhere and he didn't know what to do so he hunched over and then he stuck one of them in his mouth and it instantly soothed the pain and so he knew what he had to do it so he just stuck them on his mouth, some of them unwrapped, and went and was able to shoplift other things and then paid for the one thing that he could afford and then left. Then Abby Turner and I were back at my house and we were looking at the piano again and I realized that I could go probably 2 feet from the piano and have the playing motion at the same level of the actual piano and it would still have notes coming out of it and I knew that it was the ghost and I knew that this was some form of it's extended piano and I told my mother and she was very upset that I told her and then she said "I don't even hear anything"and I was shocked and I was like "you don't hear it?" And she was like "no I don't hear it" and I was like "you're lying I know that you heard it" and she said "yes I heard it but you're not supposed to know. I'm not supposed to know. we're not supposed to know anything. "And then I went and I wanted to tell my brother about the piano because it's his and I was very excited for him but I had to wait for him in his fort to play this video game that the girl had come through and the walk-through about and he had to throw a little bombs into this cave without being blown up himself that someone could get out and then afterwards he would finally come down stairs and I would show him and he was kind of excited but not as excited as I was and I didn't understand why I was the only one freaking out about this.