Date: 7/28/2017

By karmakaziska

so me and my dad we're talking his wife was there too we were standing underneath the streetlight at night time there was a small fog and I can't remember the conversation. all of a sudden it was like somebody turned on a light the whole Sky lit up and out of nowhere is huge bus towels down my dad's wife you could hear screaming and Bones just cracking my dad was chasing the bus as a smear of her drag from underneath the bus down the road blood and guts pieces of bone almost completely unidentifiable body parts just smeared all the way down the road and The Echoes of her screams just pierced into my mind my dad had fell on his knees chasing the bus frantically crying I was trying to calm him down and talk to him and try to give him a reason why this would happened the way it did. then I woke up