Date: 6/17/2017

By maliuhh

my brother and i were in gym. i don't know why but my mom was there too and we were in the ocean and it was so clear. when we got to the shore, i noticed that my brother had a swim cap on and it looked like eddys face and i couldn't stop laughing. when we got out of gym it was just me and kaleo and we saw bronson and eddy in the hallway and i couldn't stop laughing as i told eddy about kaleos swim cap. we kept walking and then i was alone. i was going to be picked up at 11:10 but it was only 10:37 so i walked around with kate and lauren. kate disappeared and then lauren went home. so i started walking home and saw jonah and some other kids. jonah did something to the bus stop thing where you press the button and it tells u when to walk. when i got home, everyone was there. the whole family. and they told me i was going to camp. the camp was super strict and i wouldn't have my phone or ipod or anything. and i didn't know why they were sending me. on the way there we took a fancy van with snacks and stuff. on the way there my mom suggested finding a volleyball court but they were only going after i was dropped off. and i never found anyone to take my streaks so i was really mad and i never knew why they sent me