Summer camp

Date: 5/23/2017

By onemanmoshpit16

Everyone is invited to attend a summer camp. This summer camp takes place on a huge island where there is a huge castle. As I walk into the castle I get a bad feeling. We sit and wait in the ball room for the head master to appear. When he does I'm overwhelmed with fear and disbelief. A flashback occurs. The man in front of me talking to hundreds maybe thousands of people is a big, bald German man. This man I remember killing while on a mission in German. I am a highly trained assassin and the best in the world. I've never missed my target. As this man talks and goes on I feel I big stab in my neck. One of the staff members plants a device on me. When no one is looking I rip it off and watch as everyone around me goes from smiling faces to straight faces. They all get up at once. I look around and see someone with a remote. Everyone is being controlled. I play along. Everyone is sent to a room where they will bring staying for in while we're here. I wait this the devices are shut off and I got and rip off my roommates then I sneak up into the air dock looking for anyone I know who might help me but instead I rip off maybe 30 devices off people. I tell each one to meet me in my room after hours and not to get caught. If they must use the air docks. I do a little more exploring and sneaking around. I then find out that the headmaster as used my co workers. The best assassins in the world to guard him and use at his own will. He has my rival too and she has my bow and arrow. I hurry back to my room as quietly as possible. Later that night I talk to the 30 people I helped about a plan and they agreed with me. The next night there's a huge party and everyone is dancing. I work my way through the crowds to my rival and beg her to give me my bow and arrow. She gave to me without a second thought. "I don't want to be controlled. He's using us and it's awful " she said through tears. I promised to stop him. I hid in the crowds of people and try to aim for the headmaster to try and kill him again. Each time I think I have a good shot he moves. So I fly around wherever I can to try and get him. He found me and made eye contact then left the building. I follow him to see where he's going. He gets in a car and drives away. I follow him some more. We pass through my old neighborhood where I lived before the government came and took me for training. He stops in front of a house I never once saw. I follow. He calls my name and tells me to come over. I slowly walk towards him. Arrow drawn ready to kill him. He tells me that this house is where he was born and he wishes to die here too. He sets up a camera and begins to talk. "I would like to apologize to everyone who is seeing this. It seems that my plan was completely destroyed and I'm about to die. So therefor please enjoy your summer in my castle and if you'd like to you all can stay there. Farewell". He tells yo me kill him while the camera is still on. He wants everyone who views the video to see a true hero. I shoot him with my arrow. It went through his head and he instantly falls down. I say my goodbyes. Take the video and go back to the castle. When I get there everyone looks confused they're all waiting in the hall. I plan the video for them and they cheer. My ex runs up to me. Hugs me and tells me I'll never get what I want from him. I can't help but laugh since he was smiling. Everyone rushes to me and cheers. The end.