Confused in France 🇫🇷

Date: 3/13/2019

By shardi

There is a general sense of confusion, this is not unusual for dreams of course but I think because I’m generally finding at the moment my memory is very poor and my brain a bit mushy, this has been reflected in this dream! 🏡 I find myself in a French village, some other stuff has led up to this and I don’t know quite why it ended up in France but anyway. I’m staying the night with a fairly young girl who is quite worried about everything, it feels like we probably get some sort of conference or something. It’s an old house in a rather lovely place. We park outside the front door but for some reason we do also have bikes which we bring inside. I notice where I brought mine in that there is loads of hay and guinea pig poo on the floor – I don’t think this is strange! I just think oh I’m going to have to hoover that up!! We have a little look around and I think, but I’m not going to get up them stairs – we find a little cellar, but I think I’m not going to get down those either. There is a strange oven area but a flat bit next to it that I think I might be able to sleep on. A place to put money for electricity. At some point we need to go out to get something, from the car perhaps? And we get ourselves locked out. I can’t actually remember how we get ourselves back in but we obviously do, because later on I go out just to see what the racket is (there is a neighbour shouting and sounds quite violent) when I go out I look a bit further along and it’s very interesting. But then when I come back I can’t find our front door. I think it’s number 28 but I don’t recognise it and it’s not The same house when I push the door in, and I’m confused because our car isn’t outside and actually there is no space for a car to park there. Suddenly there’s a load of people coming past and I get a bit swept up in them as I’m looking for the right house – I bump into Judith from Leeds and she says oh great you’re coming to church and I say no, I’ve got to get back, and she says oh please come with me I miss my daughter so much, it’s some sort of service of remembrance or something although it sounds like her daughter is still alive just not with her. So I say, okay, just for a bit. And I go along and I don’t remember much about the service, just talking to Judith, she still has a bag she had at college and sounds like she’s had a chaotic life – and at the end of the service she starts leading me in a different direction, to her place – eventually I say, hold on second I’m sorry I have to go back, The girl will be worried and I’ve got her things. So we head back and I find that we are climbing up something that I haven’t got the strength to climb up – somehow I manage to though. By the time I get to the top I can’t see Judith anywhere and I’m calling her- I don’t know which way to go. I just have to pick a direction which I do, and I find a street that looks similar to the one where our house is. It’s not the right one, so I try cutting across and see if it’s the next street or whatever… I find myself going across all sorts of streets. I end up in a bit of a derelict looking place. I find that Pickle is with me – it could be another dog but I think it’s her, and she gets hold of my bag and chews the girl’s mobile phone, breaks it anyway. So I’m aware that she is without a mobile phone – although she hasn’t had it for a while as I’ve had it! Then I get approached by a man who wants to help. He has a magazine and I look at it and I discover the house that we’ve been staying in it. And things come back to me, I’ve stayed there before and it belongs to Sandi Toksvig as there are little sketches and comments of hers on the wall. It is no 28 and the street is there too. And he says is that what you’re looking for or something like that. And then I wake up. So there was hope of resolution! 🚲 Before that bit of the dream also I was riding a bicycle and realised as I did so that it had nonworking brakes – I was thinking okay I have to sort these out and have to get them mended – but I had to get back first and that involve going down a very steep Hill. I was very out of control but thankfully I knew that it was a dream and I was able to phase out of it before anything bad happened and perhaps that’s when the dream cut to the France scene? 🎨 Before that also there was a scene where I was at art college and bumped in to Beth mccluckie. She was studying art too. Then later a couple of other old sp therapists including Sarah Dabinett...yes she wasn’t an SLT, I was a bit confused about that! And Lisa Warren too! It was a befuddled dream. What does it mean? Anything? 🤔Same old fears...of not being able to scale heights or staircases. Tho at times I wasn’t in a wheelchair and fine about the steep hills. ...And being out of control. ....And letting people down. ...and not knowing how to get to where I need to be ...and not being able to contact people I need to I need to listen to those anxieties, and let them dissolve.