School trip to Europe

Date: 3/28/2017

By mysticmusic94

Last night i dreamt that I was in class and my teachers announced a class trip to Europe. The first thing I started thinking was "oh no what if my anxiety gets bad because I've never been on a plane" then I started flipping out. I went to my teacher and told her but she couldn't do anything about it so I asked her if she had medicine for it. She told me no then I sat down and the girl next to me told me she did. She pulled some out and gave it to me, I swallowed it, then realized that I should've asked someone first because of bad side effects. I then told on her but not to be mean, so i could ask about the meds, and she got mad at me. I then went to my grandmas house and "watched us take off" even though that's impossible because I wasn't on the plane lmao. I told her goodbye and then the next day went back to school. We had lunch and everything then the whole school got together outside. The principals talked to us and everything while we sat and listened. I turned around while they were talking and saw this guy that I thought was cute so I started talking to him about music. After this we all gathered our things. I had like a purple blanket and stuff lol. I then called my friend J and M to see if they were going and they said yes. Even though I felt iffy about them I decided to sit with them because I knew id feel comfortable. A little while later we went to the airport and I felt pretty scared but I had no anxiety luckily. We started putting our baggage on the baggage thing and then J and M got there. When we went threw the gates we got on the plane... it was actually a small helicopter and the seats werent seats... they were like washing machines and three people had to fit inside each one... wtf. So M J and I got into the "seats" after we rearranged everything and the "plane" started up. I watched as we got higher off the ground and then we were off. We were probably 10 minutes into the ride when all of a sudden I lagged like a video game and was now hung onto the outside of the "plane"! While I was on the outside of the plane hanging on I watched the propeller spin rapidly and we started to fall down towards the ground. When we hit the ground we all got out and off lol and we were in this festival ground about 40 minutes from home. We started walking through the grounds and then i started to think "oh dad brought me here". We kept walking and watch the rides. It looked like it was set up for halloween. Afterwards we got back in the plane and struggled to get anywhere. We then ended up in a field of people and army men and tanks. We were on an army base and I was afraid they thought we were aliens. We landed, got out, and then I woke up. We never did make it to Europe but that was an interesting dream haha!