plane crash

Date: 8/23/2017

By rachhhh

we were all sitting outside next to a small lake just chilling and it was kinda like a double date and i was with a really cute kid and we were having a good time when we realized a plane flying by but it wasn't flying normally it would go very low very fast and then go back up. we kept watching it and then another plane came into view and it was huge (both of these planes were passenger planes) and they were just flying in circles. all of a sudden the one plane crashed into the ground and it became very cold outside like we could see our breathes and the water was as cold as titanic water. and then the other huge plane crashed into the water. none of us knew what to do but my dream just skipped to the part where we were inside some building and there were a ton of survivors there who were given blankets and towels because obviously they were freezing. i remember one lady asked me for my socks so i took them off in a heartbeat and gave them to her then i had some apple juice and woke up.