Teen Choice Awards

Date: 8/14/2017

By fiftyshadesofpissedoff

So I remember only a tiny fraction of my dream. I parked in a really packed parking lot, and my spot was very far from the place I needed to go. I was with someone else, but I don't quite remember who or if they were a boy or a girl, I just know that I didn't really stand them. So I walk with them towards this kind of huge mall in which apparently there had just been the Teen Choice Awards. We were scouting around, walking around the shops, doing basically shopping and at this point a friend of mine popped up at my side. Us three started to walk and decided to go home but as I was walking in front of them I passed a little angle with chairs and a TV and saw that there was Grant Gusting talking to some friends of his. Both me and my friend are fans of him, especially her, so I pointed at him to make her turn around and she freaked out. She immediately asked for a picture and I wanted to take it but I was taking too much to unlock my phone ( as usual) so the other person with us did it first. Then we thanked him and as we were standing there this person sent the picture to my friend via Air Drop (or at least I think that's what it's called) which I've only seen screenshots of on Instagram, and Grant for some reasons was very intrigued in it. He started asking questions about it and then we kept on talking for a while until we left and went home.