Mutant Axel

Date: 1/17/2017

By LucidGriffin

So I was in the perspective of Axel from Kingdom Hearts. I looked relatively normal, a little on the punk side with dark pants and shirt but as of right now no crazy magical stuff. I remember being with a friend, I don't remember what she looked like exactly, but I know she had black hair. I think she was angry at her parents, so we decided to vent by climbing a clock tower, sound familiar? We were half way up when she said she was running out of stamina. I had just jumped an overhang and told she didn't really have a choice. She tried to jump the overhang too, but lost grip and began to fall. I don't remember what, but something swooped her up and dropped her in the top of the tower. Later on that night, we went into the sewers were we apparently had friends. They lived in like a little mutant clan and somehow I got in a fight with one of them. He was a fire fish humanoid, which was weird, but I was weirder. I guess I could mutate too, and turned into a humanoid angler fish, but instead of a light on the end of my little dangly thingy it was just a hole and I could spew acid from it. It was bizarre.