Date: 4/30/2019

By mynights

Dreamt I was in bed in SS's room. Heard little footsteps of my rabbit Mo (normal). Suddenly I realised Mo is on the bed next to me, so this can't have been him. I get out of bed and realise there is a baby orange and white rabbit with glowing red eyes next to the bed. The eyes didn't frighten me - I just figured it was an albino rabbit. I was so excited upon seeing the rabbit, I exclaimed to SS what I'd found. Then next to the bed I see yet another baby rabbit. I don't remember the colour but I think it was black and white / grey. I was extremely excited now. 'There are two baby bunnies here!!!' I then hear the voice of SS's mum. "Yes when I was in town today, they just jumped into my car! It was like fate!" Then suddenly all hell breaks loose. SS's mum's large German Shepherd comes bounding down the hallway and into the bedroom. It's running around the bedroom trying to get the rabbits, so instinctively I grab the collar of the dog and drag it out of the room and directly across into the toilet. I'm holding down the dog with my hands and one knee, screaming and screaming for someone to help as I knew I couldn't hold it much longer.