Cats and Dragons

Date: 8/16/2017

By jinju

I was in a cafeteria of a school that I didn't recognise. The lunch line system was weird. I don't remember what I was doing that my friends left to make line and when I went to find them apparently I couldn't enter through that part. I had to go where the line split into three at the doors and there were students cutting here and the others seemed not to mind. my friends were still a couple feet before they reached the doors but there were people behind me who wanted to cut. So I went forward to the front of the line and nobody argued. so I went with it and the lunch person asked my name and I said it. He was sorting through the names in this notebook filled with names and I knew this shit was gonna take forever. This school has downgraded. What the guy said shook me in my dreaming state core. "Are you the cute or the sexy *name here*" All I was thinking this guys a pedophile. I caught a glimpse of the notebook and it was covered by hearts and checks near what seemed all the girls names in the school. Apparently I was new so he asked for my full name with this look that made my skin crawl. I said it and he whispered it to himslef. I left after that and got my food. I went to find a table but I ended up in my room somehow. There are cats hidden in my room which I attempt to leave food for. they refused to drink water, I had to squirt the water in to keep them hydrated. Later on I asked the smaller one why his mother wouldn't come out and eat. It started talking. I wasn't even surprise but I should've been. During this part of the dream I felt this paranormish vibe coming off it like I do most dreams that aren't good. I was waken up but then I went back to sleep immediately but I wasn't back to my room with the cats. I was my friends again and they also had brought friends with them. One of them brought this guy that had came to my sleepover once. I didn't we want to look at him out of embarrassment of what we did at the sleepover. It was cute nothing dirty people, but something I haven't done with someone other than my mom. We were playing on these arcade game machines and one of them was about dragons, robots and war. We spent all our money trying to finish the game I realized when I was transported there. Somehow during that realization more people were coming in and inside became outside. We were in the park but the games machines were still with us. It turns out we were in a school trip in highschool we already graduated from a year ago. There were park benches everywhere and one next to us that were occupied by people who annoyed the fuck out of us in school. One of them said something annoying and the there was this big shadow that passed and then a roar. It was a mf dragon. It snatched the kid up and flew away. People witnessed what happened but did nothing. Just continued what they were doing. We went back to playing the dragon game. This one teacher was trying to persuade everyone to get into costume for the play they were gonna practice. All of the costumes were dragons. A play about dragons lol. I woke up before we manage to do anything.