parties and shenanigans

Date: 3/2/2017

By davestar25

I had a dream that snoop had a new house. We threw a party. There were a bunch of people were there. Sarah was there but I didn't talk to her. She was with David, Jordan and some other people. Most of the party happened in the kitchen. We turned down the lights and there was a lot of music. I was hanging out with Jamar for most of the night. Snoop was with Caitlin. I wasn't drinking at all. Once people were starting to leave, Snoop asked if I could go walk Dingo. So I took Dingo outside for a bit and then came back. Once I came back everyone had gone home. Snoop left to go with Caitlin. I put Dingo into a bunk bed and then me and Jamar were the only ones there. As I walked into the living room Jamar asked if I heard a noise. I look back and I saw a demon shadow. So I reached for a cutlass and a sword. I gave Jamar the sword and then I started dueling with the demon. The demon then turned into a robot and then we continued to battle. Soon there were ten more robots and me and Jamar met in the center as we battled the robots. I prayed for God to be with us and he sent us some powers. We were like Power Rangers. We were able to use strength to battle the robots even though we were struggling. As things were getting hard, I realized I knew how to defeat the robots. So I took nitrogen gas from a bottle and created a bomb. I then set it on fire and told Jamar to run outside with me. As we ran outside the robots exploded into oblivion. The house was fine. Once we got back inside there was smoke in the kitchen. Then Warren came over to play video games. Dream 2: On my lunch break I went to the gym to do a full workout. I came back to Women's Pavilion and went to the rooftop. As I walked the rooftop, Nattie called me. She said she was still at her training. She wanted to know if I'm going to work out. I told her that I already worked out not too long ago. As I looked up to the Sky the landscape changed and I was now in downtown Atlanta on top of G Deck at Georgia State. I looked up and the Sky was dark and a storm was coming. I told Nattie that there are dark times ahead and that I needed to save the world. I started running and a flock of birds were flying in my direction. Nattie told me that it will be nice and sunny very soon and that I should plan a Pool Day. She also said something about the new Beauty and the Beast movie, but I couldn't remember. I continued running on top of the building and a voice in my head told me that I needed to protect the wolves because I am the leader. About one thousand wolves were running in my direction. As I ran passed them, I googled how to roar like a Lion. I then roared like a lion and all the wolves turned around and followed me and they became sheep. It started raining very badly. I then went downstairs at the street corner and met Jesse, Morgan, Cameron, Emmie and a bunch of my other college friends. They told me that a mutual friend had passed away. I traveled back in time to the day before and I saw the girl who had passed away. She was walking in the rain at Georgia State. I said to myself that it sucked when you never know when you will die. So I told myself to always be prepared and do good because you never know when you can die. I then walked into the General classroom building of Georgia State because apparently I was a student again. I went to class and when I came back I was looking for my friend, Justin, but I could t find him. I saw Yarin and we were preaching to some people. We were telling them that Heaven was real and Hell was too. And that as soon as someone dies they arrive at their final destination. We told them to make the right choice. The next day it was very bright and sunny. I went to the pool and sat next to Nattie. Then Katie came with her boyfriend Brandon. Then another girl and guy that I have never seen came also. We were all hanging out. Then I woke up.