Shooting at school 😵🔫

Date: 4/15/2017

By Snark_Hunter

I went inside German class, but we had a relief teacher, and it was in a different room. I wanted to sit next to my friend Daniel, but someone's pencil case was already there. I decided to sit next to Josh (IRL he's a bad kid) at the back of the classroom. The teacher came around and put a black revolver on every desk, without any instructions. Josh picked his up and pretended to shoot someone. It made the gunshot sound, but he took out the bullets and put in blanks beforehand. Most people knew the secret behind his prank, so everyone started doing the same. Suddenly, the whole class was firing blanks at each other, until some guy didn't know he had to put blanks in, and assumed that the guns weren't loaded. He shot a kid in the middle of their face. Later in the dream I attended the funeral ceremony of the kid. The parents at the funeral made a speech saying that their kid would be meeting the universe in an afterlife or something.