Evil teacher and mysterious student

Date: 7/19/2019

By jikook69

I was in a classroom and I was in my younger body as the teacher kept scrutinizing me and looking for any reason to get on me. I came in late and she made me apologize for holding up her lesson. My mind was somewhere else for a bit and she had me read an entire chapter of a book in a different language. I drew something small bc I had already finished the assign work and she gave 3 times as much as the other students for being diligent. I was alone on my island in the back, while the rest were in small groups of 5. I felt like a pariah, but I didn't complain just continued doing my work. Suddenly the next day a dark haired boy with eyes so dark you couldn't see the pupil sat next to me. He seemed shy and reserved and I was just happy to not be alone in the back anymore, I introduced myself in the most friendliest way possible and he smiled. It was as if his eyes gained color, they were now a dark brown, but at least they didn't like black anymore. The teacher seemed to be freaked out by him, so even when he did something he wasn't supposed to, she would blame me even more. I didn't get mad though, because he was a sweet kid, and he just seemed lost like he didn't understand what was happening. Slowly day by day his eyes gained more color, until they were finally a beautiful warm hazel color and he smiled Everytime he saw me, he didn't speak as much but when he did he sounded happy, it just warmed my heart. But one day the teacher was even more pissy than usual, and started blaming everyone for having stolen something from her. Then Her eyes zeroed in on the boy, he looked terrified under her gaze and freaked out when she snatched his backpack up and started opening it. I close his back before she opened it, "Are you allowed to go through a students backpack without any reasonable suspicion. " (I honestly didn't know what I was saying) I was trying to stall because the boy seemed to have something in there he didn't want anyone to see. She glared at me and started explaining but I wasn't listening, as I argued back. Finally she opened it suddenly and looked inside. I saw it too and we exchanged weird looks, (I don't remember what it was that I saw I just remember it freaked me out) I just remember trying to make her look like a totally asshat for forcing open a kids private belongings. But she didn't care she outed him out in front of everyone and everyone turned to look at him disgusted, with pity, or annoyance. I felt bad I couldn't stop it, but she sent me to sit down with him, and his hazel eyes started drinking dark again and they glossed over. I just remember a small "Why'd she do that?" As he tried to stop his voice from breaking, a single tear fell down his face, and I tried to give him a reassuring side hug. But he seemed closed off and distant again. All my progress with getting him to open up useless.