Frozen Earth

Date: 7/29/2017

By ItsLucidity

So I think I start out in this art room in school and I'm arguing with some teachers then I'm at the pool at my house except for some reason there's a life guard and I think some other kids, also more floating things like floating whales dolphins and turtles. I'm siting behind my diving board for some reason and she starts trying to run around me and gets angry and throws the grayish whale at me she misses and it hits the fence around my pool. She gets mad and tells me not to kick things around the pool I look at her weird and she just starts doing a ton of stupid crap and tells me not to do it. All of a sudden a HUGE storm starts like she falls over and can't get up big. I help her up She's like(15-16) but as soon as I do she ditches me and runs into my house. I'm sort of pissed but go inside anyway but she locked the door! Now I was really pissed I went onto the deck where we have a door and go in and go into my dads room and see my dad watching TV. Then for some reason I go out of my body and see the solar system and it's not like what we learned in school all I remember was that there were multiple red planets and three Earth-like planets except I think that the other two were a little darker blue and and more blue, less land and less trees. It's went in order from left to right Earth, more water and less land, then barely any land primarily water. I come back to my body and for some reason I'm really scared. Then earth goes into some never ending shadow or something and the earth starts freezing, I don't know why but I just into my dads bathtub and turn on the hot water. Then I wake up to my sister asking me something