Richard and Danny devito

Date: 4/8/2019

By Ether_Erebus

There was multiple things that happened, I’m aware of that part. So basically, something happens and Richard comes over to our house (weird, I know). And I think he likes me, I could be wrong but idk. It’s dark outside and I go outside from the house to get something and I bump into someone else, i don’t remember who it was but it was a male figure who was someone akin to Richard (Like love interest? Idk I got vibes from him). When I walked down the steps in front of the house the only thing I could think of was “if he kisses me that’s my first ever kiss. What do I do? How do I even behave? Like what?” This is me thinking about Richard. And IDK what happens but there’s a blur in my memory of the dream there. My house is different that what it looks like in real life; it’s a lot larger in my dream. I don’t remember exactly what happens but he comes over and we’re talking or something and it’s night time so something else happened and I was about to leave with Richard. As I’m slipping on my shoes, a guy who I think is supposed to be my uncle, comes to me holding a little girl (about the age of 2 or 3). He closes the door and tries to stop me by saying “do your parents know about this?” And then I say “yeah, my mom’s the one who let him into the house.” And I walk away. And then there’s a time gap/switch and I’m in a car driving to some kind of school. It’s like a prep- school that kind of has small classrooms and classes. So when I get there, I’m standing beside Michelle, who is actually IN the class and her prof is DANNY DEVITO. I am really confused and he tells Michelle to move over on the bench to let me sit beside her during the lecture. It’s a really small hall that’s in a circle almost and the desks curve around the middle and that’s here Danny stands. I don’t remember what happens after that but it’s really weird. I remember sitting there and thinking about the Richard debacle and someone/something else. My alarm goes off and I wake up.