Best dream I’ve ever had

Date: 5/5/2019

By bellybutton

It started with me and my dad, step mom,real mom, and stepdad checking into a humongous hotel. We each had our own room and got to go through all the rooms to each choose the one we wanted. I chose the biggest room there was . Btw all rooms were different . My room was three stories but instead of walking up stars to get to the next story they were all stacked on top of each other and you had to climb wooden ladders to get to each room. My room was decorated with huge fluffy bean bags and pink cozy beds and golden strobe lights on each story. There were other people there to. My family wasn’t at the hotel anymore and I was all alone. I started walking down the hall but I was just wondering around. All of the sudden this weird kid named Logan from school liked me and tried to attack me in the hall and no one heard me yelling and screaming. After a few seconds another kid from my school who’s in 8th grade named Dakota tried to help me and succeeded. Me and him were in love and were about to go somewhere together but then some random guy , which I guess was our helper or whoever you call those guys ritch people hire to carry there bags and escorte them places are took me to some small closet and shoved me in and told me it was my new room as a punishment for being in love with that guy. All I can remember after that was being mad and sad and begging to go to my old room and to be set free.