Fake first day, climbing corse, sledding.

Date: 8/28/2019

By adrianaasg

The fake first day was just me thinking we had school when we didn’t The climbing was like my Home room or smt and the last part I remember was that khizar was climbing and I had a skirt on. The sledding was the worst. The first few were fun until there was this huge slope abs everyone was going down it but then Iveta pushed me and I didn’t get my turn. Also at one point I was sitting in my chair and there was writing on it abt Megan being able to do it. I also remember being in the ocean at one point? And in the end I was walking home and i noticed my mom was waiting near the door so I went around the outside to the dink’s n stuff. Zucchini and his friends were there and they walked in behind me. I wasn’t getting attention so ugh I went and I took off my shirt Cus that’s normal?? And walked back in. I got attention. We were all wearing g robes tho. Then I went back and Iveta said the b word abt someone. And st one point philish was in it and so was Oliver?.