Crashed Into Teachers House

Date: 1/31/2019

By maren

I was driving down the road in my truck. And I got a text from my sister. Around this time (in the dream) it was the school musical, and I had the lead role. All I could ever dream about was having a lead. I got a text from my sister and as I was reading it, there was a sudden turn in the ride, which I did not notice. I went right over the curb and went flying through my choir teachers house. The car some how went up the stairs and was through a wall on the second floor. I sat there amazed and couldn’t speak. My teacher wasn’t home and for some reason I thought it would be beneficial if I just ran away. That didn’t work and they caught me. I was ‘sentenced’ to 3 days in ISS (in school suspension) and I lost my lead in the musical. I was so sad and embarrassed. It was humiliating to be sent to ISS for crashing a car. When I got in there, I could see all of the “bad kids” staring at me. And laughing. I also had to rebuild my teachers house because i crashed into it. You break it you fix it. I had no idea how. But I thought if I rebuild their house as fast as possible, and as amazing as possible, then maybe I’ll get my lead role in the musical back. However, there was always this person who would come over as I was building and ruin what I just did. I pushed through it and started working at night so it would go faster and that person wouldn’t come over. And I finished it! But my teacher didn’t give me my role back and just sent me away. Moral of the story, don’t crash into your teachers house. 🤠