Digital art, A group of young people from different races are caught up in a dangerous game of survival as they navigate the racially divided streets of New York City, with some turning against each other and others forming unlikely alliances to stay alive.

Racism Wars {PG-13 for racism and violence}

Date: 5/21/2017


We were in New York City outside of a school near Times Square. I, being a black female, was being chased by some non-black people, especially white people. I wasn't the only one being chased, for there were other black people being chased as well. Some of my friends were black (and on my side), while some other friends of mine were not (and trying to shoot me). I ended up dodging bullets from those who betrayed me because of my racial background. Luckily, there were a few allies who were white people, including my boyfriend, Kirby. He initially tried to shoot me, but then realized that he was about to kill the woman he loved, so he decided to join me instead. Jordan, another friend of mine, whom I have known since elementary school, also became my ally, although she was also white. She didn't try to shoot me at all. The three of us found shelter, while the others were either shooting or about to be shot. This war felt like the Hunger Games.

AI generated interpretation This dream appears to reflect your experience with racism and the complexities of racial relationships. Being chased by non-black people, especially white people, indicates that you may feel targeted or singled out because of your racial background. It's possible that you have experienced discrimination or prejudice in your life that has made you feel threatened or unsafe. The fact that some of your friends were not on your side and were trying to shoot you suggests that you may have experienced betrayal from people you trusted, possibly due to their own biases or beliefs about race. Your boyfriend, Kirby, represents a potential ally in the form of a white person who comes to your aid, but not before initially being a threat to you. This could indicate your ambivalence about non-black people as potential allies in the struggle against racism. On the one hand, you may recognize that some individuals who don't share your racial background can be supportive and helpful. On the other hand, you may also harbor some distrust or suspicion towards non-black people due to past experiences of discrimination. Jordan, your white friend from elementary school, who becomes your ally without hesitation, represents the possibility of genuine friendship and solidarity across racial lines. She may symbolize your hope for a more inclusive and equitable society where people of different races can stand together against racism and discrimination. The overall imagery of a war that feels like the Hunger Games suggests a sense of danger, competition, and even violence that may characterize your experience of navigating racial dynamics in society. It may also reflect a sense of injustice and the feeling that you are fighting for your survival and well-being in a world that is not always welcoming or fair to people of color.