Date: 8/5/2019

By maryp85

Okay I had a dream where I was friends with this woman but she was very clingy to me I don't know why but we both had doing witchcraft in common so I was like cool but she never really talked about it or done anything together (which I’m pretty sure I asked but I don’t really remember) but it was getting super weird at the end well we were in a room talking she was on the bed and I was cleaning i don’t really remember the conversation but I picked up some trash that was behind something (like sticks and something else made a symbol) and some clothes she was acting weird idk how it got in the conversation but as I was watching at I said are you sure you practice witchcraft and walked out I got a very bad feeling and turned around she was standing there with her shirt off no hair (completely bald and kind of look like an alien head) and my first instinct was to run but she grabbed me by my arm and said something then put her had on my back and pushed her finger in the middle of my back on the left side while staring at me in the eyes while this happened I pushed her by the shoulders and said something then woke with that’s same spot kind of hurting Oh and her head was shaped like an alien head when she was bald