Singing at a restaurant

Date: 9/10/2019

By DaydreamRadio

My family and I sit at a long table at an Italian restaurant. We're all seated at the same side looking into the room like a judge's panel. We have glasses and glasses of red wine and plenty of bread. There's other food as well. My family breaks into a song about the place like a musical. I, however, don't know any of the words. I'm seated at the far left side of the table closest to the edge. The room full of busy waiters waitresses listen as they buzz back and forth. The strange thing is that there are no other diners in the restaurant. We're here as a kind of test I think. We have something to prove to them. I sit at the "judge's table" and start knitting little stuffed animals with my hands (maybe kittens or something? Looking back they were pretty abstract with little nubby legs). I made four and offered one to Sergi who was delighted by it. He didn't want to take it because he thought it was the only one and wanted me to have it, but I showed him I made more which had him totally overjoyed. He kept the little critter and was grinning so huge. In another point of the dream, I find El Capitán in a pile of garbage near a dumpster close to the edge of a cliff. He's been abandoned again and I go to rescue him and get him cleaned up. I brush the garage from around him and take him into my arms, careful as he's usually so adverse to touch. Now, he cautiously but openly lets me touch him and his face. He seems a bit sick, but it's not something grave to worry over. He'll heal soon. We go together to a huge, rectangular bulging. Like an industrial kind of place. It reminds me of the factory by the sea where the woman in my dream yesterday had all of her animals, like lizards and crabs. It was full of bright colors like reds and oranges and they were speckled into a rainbow of sorts. A mix of colors like rainbow fish gravel.