dead then back to life

Date: 2/22/2017

By nadeen

it all started in a nice place by the beach I was told by a living relative that this not heaven this is a place where the dead wait until they go to heaven and all the people here are related to me but I didn't recognise any not even from family photos but I was excited to see them I didn't know I was dead I was told when I saw my sister who was shocked to see me and told me I'm supposed to be dead you're in the hospital I said that's not possible I'm here I then asked her to call anyone who's in the hospital to confirm it and they told her that we are currently cleaning her before burying her and then I was oh ok and I was happy that I can be at the beach with the dead relatives. but then suddenly I'm on a plane home alive they told me I died then I recovered but I still have a deadly desease which I didn't understand except that it has something with my brain