i was a dog on a train tour.

Date: 3/20/2017

By monjanse

I was a white big dog. I sniffed the ocean from the view from the train while I had my cell phone on 3d landscape with palms and mobile was hot and would not come out of the app so I had to turn it off and threw it across. my grandfather and I were playing with CDs because he had no LP discs and we played a animal-game. this animal-game he told me that I should put animal shapes with magnetic photos of the same animals on a board. I really did not wanted to play, but I would not disappoint father (he was a dead person bechause he died over 10 years ago) the animal objects was extremely detailed and life-like. speschialy the gray goat. so I was like white dog and had a dog toilet place inside the house that we had to hide in from the world snow hole that I had to run as a dog from and into a house with invisible dog door on the door. I pooped in third person view (saw that I went into the dog toilet room as a white dog in a room I would sleep in, and heard pooping/farting-sounds while i, as a 3rd person stood in a little storingroom) then took my owner my poop and gave the poop to a pottyflowerplant and said "this is good". I sniffed inside the little storing room i was in as a 3rd person, but now s the white dog again, and there was a sensorlight-thing that flashed sharp white lightrays up and down over me, and I thought it was some kind of an over-lord who signed up us in this house so we was safe from the snow hole that would take us if we dont stayed in that house. then i saw my grandmother (dead for over 10 years too) had trouble with a vhs-like machine who controlled their house-phone, and she became angry and asked me to go reach grandfather inside his secret playrom in theyr house they lived in before dying, where we played with the animal-game and I broke something and i was afraid it was grandfathers precious cds and grandfather was stressed but it was just his crayon-box I cracket with my ass. then was not grandfather angry anyway but happy. grandmother and grandfather had to reset the box and it was just fooling around with this old box, bechause they had resets it many times before.