Haunted House

Date: 3/19/2019

By shelby406

Me, my friend Kylie, and my grandma were going to a haunted house, when we were going in I thought we had to go under the porch but we didn’t. Inside there were fishes that you could switch tanks. The place was a place where you could buy stuff, relevant to a gas station. Kylie could turn into a fish. Soon I was sitting at a table with Kylie and Carter. Kylie got sad and I noticed because my grandma was looking at me to go fix whatever I did. She was a fish in a tank at that point. I was scooping her up, she was a red beta, and bringing her over to the tank behind table. A guy tried to help me by telling me I needed a bag to transfer her. I didn’t need help because previously I had done this with her. But she died. And I was super confused, and sad. I hoped she wasn’t really dead, and since she wasn’t in her original form, that she couldn’t actually be gone forever. After me looking for her for a long time, I took a break. Izzy form my school, asked me to look at her product because it wasn’t selling. It was nicotine gum. I told her why it wasn’t reasonable to sell nicotine gum where a bunch of kids played and I told her she should make minty gum. Then I heard someone came back from dying then I heard someone say she had a different personality and different interests. I hoped this wasn’t correct because Kylies my best fiend. When she came back she wasn’t playing with me, she was playing with other people.