The one where Gracie gets maimed

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I was pushing my cousin Gracie in her stroller, when she was a baby, next to a train track, and while I was turned around to answer a text message or phone call or something with my phone, I turned her stroller to face the tracks so she could see it when it came by. I was still turned when I heard the train go by, and when I turned back to get Gracie, all of her toes had been cut off by the train. Since the whole train yard was on my aunt Penny's carport area, I ran into her house to tell her what had happened, but soon after I started talking she turn into a railroad track and fell onto the ground and connected with other pieces that had appeared. I look down at myself and saw that I, too had been turned into a train track. I could hear another train coming. Then I woke up.