Surprise, bitch!

Date: 5/4/2017

By JeSuisChi

Scene I: (on stool falling asleep near doorway awaiting Kiara's arrival so I can finally call her on her shit. 😂) ::enters Kiara:: ::enters an entire group of work friends whom I've apparently met but don't remember at all:: At this point I realize I l'm probably really not gonna get any sleep now bc this inconsiderate ass had brought an entire crew of people into our luxury home with a foyer (pronounced fo-yay) and many rooms and chandeliers and windows and a couple stripper poles and other just xtra unnecessary things. I greet the friend on crutches (whom I've apparently met before but don't remember) with a kneel, initially for her to lean on me as she stands, but this moment turns into a photo op of me bowing at her feet. Jael is a part of this crew of friends but salty and throwing shade at this priceless moment for some reason. 😂 (sidebar: this dream is so petty) So she and I start going back and forth as I'm now getting my hair cornrowed by another friend and judging from the remarks in the room after the final comment I made, I went too far. Jael starts turning a pinkish red and her ears start to point and flicker and her forehead starts to get wider and taller. Either she's about to blow or turn into a troll. I continue getting my cornrows. 💅🏿 I'm cute afterwards. Scene II: (I'm pretty much blind in this dream at this point probably bc my eyes are coming open in reality. I see my bed rails and realize that I'm dreaming and say this to myself while still half asleep. I re enter the dream fully aware that it's not real and ready to turn this bitch aoouut!) When you can't see that well in a dream, it makes you act drunk. So since I was essentially already dream drunk, I started drinking some mo. 💅🏿 Hennessy to be exact. Nette was there, my sisters, I see you AB tryna make an appearance and stay on the couch out the way, Taneka, Jess & Ashley, April, Armondo (was actin tres bourgeois as usual), lots more familiar faces this time. I'm starting to realize that something must be going on for me. Somebody is trying to throw me a party, and I ruined it in the first half. But I'm still not sorry. 💅🏿 So I'm drinking and blind at the same time and things are getting weird, feeling my way around these unfamiliar rooms, feeling on people in the process, stating aloud that I. Cannot. See. Then an ass-naked friend is luring me into..let's call it the Den of Hoes..she's beckoning for me to come back quickly bc there's something for me to see and at the same time she's gesturing and whispering to people in the Den of Hoes to get ready bc "she's coming!" "She's almost here!". Btw, she was doing all of this while calling herself hiding to the side of the doorway. 😒😂 she thought I didn't hear or see her gesturing for the crowd to get ready. I'm making my way to the Den of Hoes and when I'm almost into the room, I start involuntarily slow motion running..?..and then drunk, blind me begins to acknowledge the slow motion run by saying "dang I'm moving slow. Feels like I'll never make it there." FINALLY, I step into the room and immediately look to the right and start making my way towards 3 ladies shaking and gyrating on stage. I applaud them as I head over..I'm giving them standing ovation, hollering "YAS!", and yelling for somebody to go get my wallet at the same time..Nette comes over and says "baby, you dronk boots and you been dronk alll day". Then she says something else in my ear that tickles me wide awake. (Yes, I woke up skiggling.) The End