Oil sucking and man snuggles.

Date: 6/3/2019

By clointoronto

For some reason we needed to search for oil in my house and I don’t mean cooking oil. Big machines started coming in with hoses in which we had to stick onto the ground and it would somehow find its way into the ground. I remember being near a couch with all the weird looking machines with long arms coming down at me finding a spot to suck up the dirt to get into the ground. I decided to help so o grabbed a smaller house that was hanging there but stuck it to the couch. It started to go through the couch and find it’s way down the the owner of the couch was coming by so I pulled out the hose and found the black piece of leather that it pulled out just to cover the hole. Then all of a sudden I was with a guy that I started feeling a lot of attraction for. We started to slowly get close to each other - not my type what-so-ever but the touch was nice. Then I woke up. Seriously, I need a man. 🙄