Pushing the beds together

Date: 6/1/2017

By Y0Universe

Gir started using our relationship to leverage things that she wanted. For instance, my sister, gir and me where living in some giant compound of some sort. And Gir told me that if I didn't make dinner then we can start sleeping in separate beds. Very seriously. It was almost like, breaking up with me in front of my sister. I was devastated and started laying on the floor, and then got up and said I need to be alone. And then my sister said, "well, if you make dinner though, will you push the beds together?" And Gir said "We will see, after dinner." I was super sad, because I am not going to be in that kind of relationship, so it was like we broke up. I went to an announcement party, where they were going to announce the state championship, for my high school?? I don't know which sport but I'm assuming crew. I was so perturbed by the news from Gir. That I couldn't celebrate. And when they announced we had won, I was laying on the ground on my right side, dry heaving and throwing up. It was a really sad dream.