A day at the Gas Station

Date: 4/24/2019

By ImActuallyBad

In my dream, my mom and I stopped by a gas station and she handed me her debit card to go inside to buy food. When I went inside, I bought two egg, rice, and chicken meals (the eggs were in bits and pieces inside of the rice and there was shredded chicken on top). I saw a couple knives nearby too, so I put a purple butterfly knife and a white m9 bayonet on the register, since I always have wanted to do the tricks they do in the CS:GO animations. As I was reaching for my moms card, I looked up and the knives were gone. I sadly bought the two meals and went to go sit down at a table outside. When my mom came, I told her about the knives. Very calmly, she said “you want to see what happens when you play with knives?” Before I could respond, she reached into her purse, pulled out a steak knife and started cutting herself. Horizontally toward the wrist and vertically on the fingers. Every time she made a cut, it sounded like when you gut a fish and you scrape the scales away. I tried to beg her to stop, but she wouldn’t until it was fully over. The more I begged, the deeper she would cut.