Car turning into Bicycle & Bomb in China | End of the World

Date: 3/26/2017

By richilye

First I was in my dad's van going to work (which he doesn't have anymore, and it's a cargo van). We arrived at something that looked like a park and it felt like it had some magic in it, it was also night time, but the parkhad various light poles. There was a wooden ramp going up to a door, which had a curtain in it. on the side of the ramp was really green grass, the walls had some colors that made me feel like as it was an EasterEgg painting. As soon as the car touched the ramp, it turned into a bicycle , with a grid in the back. I was put on the ground. I looked on the back and all the stuff was gone there was only a wheel on the grid, then my dad asked what happened to the stuff,then I looked behind me and everything was on the ground. Some boxes were kinda broken, most by the magic that made them break externally , inside everything was normal. My dad tied it all to the back of the bicycle (somehow) and kept going,after going through the door it became a car again. I was outside the car, the place was like a plaza thing, with the middle being a big and round road , open... it was basically a big circle, with 2 ways out attached to a normal road. on the aide was various buildings and snacks shops, restaurants , etc. My dad stopped the car on a big part of the walkway , then I don't remember anything else. Scene Change. 🎬 I was in China,I was walking around the street when a commotion happened , there were bombs placed on buildings, they were terrorist bombs and have been planted all around the world. People started lots of theories of why they were doing that. I went back to my mom's house, she and my dad weren't living together anymore. I don't remember what we talked about, but then she told me to go to my dad's house, it was some streets away. I arrived there and it was sort of a mess, the house was also somewhat small, around 5 rooms counting the bathtoom. We talked about something about the bombs. Then I don't remember if he managed to call the terrorists or we saw it on TV, but they said that they just wanted to know the range of the explosion amd people could disable them safely, they alao said more or less the range of them, it was pretty big, around 6 squares I guess, it was 6 something. My dad said he was gonna try and disable the bombs, and he said something else death related then I said "Just don't die then", then he went out and the dream ended. It also felt as the world was gonna end.