The Structure of a House vs. Fluids...

Date: 3/18/2017

By Flalaski

so this dream took place in my friends house. I was there, high on weed, in the living room. it was evening, dark out, but warm out. I noticed water pouring out of the light fixture in the middle of the ceiling, so I went out in to the garage to tell one of the roommates. well there was no garage walls or roof anymore. and I saw one of my friends get home. I said hi, and we went back into the house. so now all roommates were home except one, (whom I am closest with IRL *winky face* ), she was at work. kinda like whilst I had this dream. anyways, it was starting to look like a party, hanging out, fun times, someone started playing music. half of the kitchen walls were gone, opening up the area even more. I went to the bathroom... in this dream, I was so high that I suddenly had to poop, and slowwlly pulled my pants down and struggled to sit down properly. (IRL I'm sure it wouldn't be such an issue)... well, I filled the toilet. literally. it auto flushed! and shortly after it began to clog and overflow... with the shitty water hitting the floor, I am suddenly aware or a SECOND TOILET right in front of me. now this one starts to spew the stuff... while I start to panic, the fucking AIR VENT errupts like a god damn broken fire hydrant. all poop water. I make my way to the door, only to find the hinge has been broken! the door can't close! I call for help, and turn to see the structure of the walls have crumbled... someone I don't know walks through the wall towards me. she is smiling, even though I am covered in shit and in a panic. for some reason, we waltz.