Indoor jerasic park

Date: 4/22/2017

By jakevw19

Ther was this thing where I was a part of a group of nomadic people, including but not limited to, spongebob,Patric,pnakcton,Rudy, like a hundred other humans, Hanna. We found a small castle and moved into it, we were consistently being invaded by an evil witch who was trying to kill us, so Rudy Hanna and I went on an adventure I can't remember and when we came back we had a bunch of magic abilities and weapons, we then helped fight off the tougher dudes whilst our forces went and fought off most off enemy infantry. Rudy and I killed most of the big buff units and eventually had a big showdown with he fairy queen. She killed me and I respawned then Rudy finished her off. They were trying to kill an ancient demon/creature thing that was living a ruins outside our castle so they could take his powers and become super powerful. We stopped them and then Rudy ran off because extistental crisis. He then started to live in the woods and had control over insects somehow, I think he could talk to them or something. I went after him and chased him back to the castle and took his bread crum trail(which was pens hidden in trees) I don't remember what happened after that but next thing I knew I was at a theme park. I don't get how but I was having like a dream within a dream then I woke up at the park. We went in and were at a indoor roller coaster and mom took all the mine carts and filled them with rocks so she could have a "smoother ride" so she left and never came back so I was waiting for her and eventually wandered off into a bathroom and suddenly I had two spray cans. There was a girl in there and I sprayed her and she started turning into an anthro dragon so I kept spraying her then she was a fat anthro dragon. I jumped up on her and started to hug and cuddle her then she decided to thank my by eating me so she did but I woke up before I hit her stomach. The end