Fit in Then GTFO After

Date: 2/3/2017

By Finami

At this peculiar school, I was one of the students who happened to be good with theatre and critiquing acting roles in the plays that I observed. Alongside that, I would be taught how to use knives as weaponry (I guess it was a requirement to at least be in one class similar to this?). This was the type of school that also taught their students how to defend themselves from any possible intruders. The school had a reputation for plenty of brawls occurring on the school grounds. It was brought on by gangs wanting to claim our territory. I was once part of this mess during the dream, but I barely fought before being protected by a few upperclassmen in their early twenties. They had more experience, so I was grateful if anything. (Time skip???) After a long day of training, I stopped by one of the public bathrooms. I had never used their showers before and wanted to see what they had available for products. I knew some shower rooms to be extremely crappy, but I thought I could at least check. Looking inside the women's locker room, there were green lockers on the right side. Each student was able to drop off their belongings. Each was given a lock with a key. On the left side, there were doors for privacy in each shower stall. I sighed in relief. Good so far. I could find myself walking right back out if there was too much exposure. I entered one of the shower stalls. I was a bit confused by the shower head since it was tiny, but I turned it on to see the water spread out pretty evenly. Cool. The walls were white with no dirty spots in sight. Very nice. Closing the door, I looked through their product basket as I ran the hot water. There was an impressive variety of shampoos along with products used for my hair after, such as gel and hairspray. However, there was one problem that ruined the experience, enough to have me wake up instantaneously: It didn't supply me with any conditioner. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but I find nothing more horrifying about showers than only using shampoo with no conditioner available. My routine is locked into that habit. Having long hair almost all my life, I never found having stringy hair to be appealing to tend to.