Cold Water

Date: 1/26/2017

By planetlainy

I was sleeping in my own bed when i suddenly woke up and needed water. There was a water bottle next to my bed and it was the perfect glass of water. It was cold, icy, and just so refreshing. After that, i decided to go to the bathroom. Entering the bathroom, i turned on the sink and blood started to pour out. This made me terrified, and i ran out back to my room and the entire room was stretching. My dad then called up, "It's a quarter before 7, come on get ready for school" So i start to get ready but i can't find anything to wear. I start getting thirsty again but i cannot find any water - there's a lot of water bottles on my desk but they are all warm. My parents then arrive and start throwing clothes at me until i finally leave the house. i begin to drive to school but he traffic is too bad and i'm late. Then, i just decide to go to the grocery store. At the store, i go down an empty isle and the only thing i see is a picture of my boyfriend, Matt, and my friend, Michelle. I pick up the picture of matt and think about how we are on a break. I then get a text from matt saying "i know it's only been two days but i miss you." ---- end of dream after waking up, my day pretty much corresponded with the dream. My dad shouted the same thing. I was thirsty with no water, i was late to school and stuck in traffic. I got a text from Michelle and finally my boyfriend texted me saying that he missed me.. and then my dad was rushed in an ambulance, which i think was what the blood in the sink represented.