Chased me with a knife

Date: 5/18/2019

By BadBunnie

I dreamed I was in a parking lot outside a sort of Goodwill/Dollar Tree, walking to my car with some groceries or something. I couldn’t find my car tho. And then I see this women start walking towards me from across the parking lot. She walked funny and seemed a little off, like maybe she was on something. She came up to me and said she was gonna stab me. She just kept saying that, “I’m gonna stab you. I’m gonna stab you.” And she pulled out a knife. But it was skinny and pure white, sharp. I ran towards the store and through the sliding doors. I begged for help while trying to find somewhere to hide. I kept saying “Call the police, call the police!” But nobody did. I hid in the back of the store, behind a shelf. The woman came inside and I heard people screaming as she just kinda massacred the place trying to get to me. I tried to run but she found me. I woke up before she stabbed me I think, but it was terrifying.