The ferrier’s crime boat

Date: 5/1/2019

By lisaoh

My coffee group and I somehow snuck into the ferrier’s (guy who takes care of horses’ hooves) cabin while he was away. We were hanging out and basically using it as a vacation spot. On the final night, we knew he might be coming home soon so we woke up at 3:25 am to leave before being discovered. But the ferrier’s daughter came home before we left. She was like 30 or so and she told us that what we had done was illegal and we had broken and entered against the law. She wasn’t going to turn us in but was not happy with us at all. Then, we were scheduled to go on a boat wide with the ferrier, who had lots of types of boats. My dad came along for the ride, mainly because he was thinking of buying one of the boats. But when The ferrier came around to pick us up in the boat, we were surprised and disappointed to see the one he had chosen for the ride. It was a pretty large boat and his favorite. But we knew the history of the boat was very bad. It seemed he had done something illegal in the boat before, like drug running and also someone died on it during that one nasty event. But we got on the boat and my dad was upset because he said if he bought this boat he might get mixed up in the crime that took place and could end up in jail. I was telling my dad not to worry and that we would just take a ride and he didn’t have to buy it. We could look at other boats. Later, we were launching the boat at another place but the boat launch was under water and the boat went under water for a bit while launching it and we had to hold our breaths. We also had to clear large branches from the boat launch in order to get through. My deceased dog, Snowball, was with me and I was so impressed that he wasn’t scared.