hello children & smash mouth

Date: 8/18/2017

By madeofmold

i was watching netflix & this movie id never heard of appeared, it was called "hello children". i started watching it & it was a scary movie about a being that could turn itself invisible & look like anyone; it would appear suddenly next to you & drag you away. i thought i stopped the movie after a little while but what i didnt know was that i was in the movie now. the being started appearing & disappearing all around me & my friends & one by one it started controlling them so they followed it around. at one point i lost the ability to speak, & when i saw my mom walking our dog i ran out ahead of the monster & its thralls & was pointing frantically, trying to get her away from it. but the monster was able to control her from a farther distance than i'd thought & it laughed, making her drop the dog's leash & join it. then it went with me to school as a teacher, controlling all the other students (at this point it became less scary & more just a dream). we sat in a circle & debated who looked the most orange from the summer. then the dream changed & i was with friends at a party. someone put "all star" by smash mouth on & we started singing along but kept repeating "and they dont stop coming and they dont stop coming and they dont stop coming" until the song ended.